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What are the fees for a pageant?


Rules regarding payments

Payment Information

  • ALL deposits and entry fees are non-refundable and non-transferable except in the event the director cancels for any reason and the pageant is NOT rescheduled.
  • If you are unable to attend and have paid a deposit or in full, you must contact me within 7 days prior to REGISTRATION deadline for a refund.
  • Entry forms can be entered online or by mail. Forms must be received by specified date to enter. Each form received is put on the list. The roster will be filled based on FIRST payment in, not first entry form in.
  • Minimum deposit on paperwork must be made with entry form by specified date in order to hold your spot in the pageant. Any balance due MUST be paid by registration deadline or your child does not compete.
  • There will be a $10 fee added for any sign-ups after the registration deadline.
  • NO new entries at the door.
  • PayPal - [email protected]
  • When using PayPal, please select PURCHASE for Services or Goods.
  • You will be responsible for the Paypal fees incurred. You may pay this at the door the day of the pageant. Fees will be rounded to nearest dollar. Example: paypal fee 3.30 will be $3.00 at the door. paypal fee $3.69 will be $4 at the door.
  • We also accept Credit/Debit cards. Call me to make your payment. A 5% fee will be added to all Credit/Debit payments to cover company charges.
  • Personal Checks are accepted and will have a $30 NSF fee added for any insufficient funds! We will STRONGLY implement this fee! You can post date a check as your deposit as well.
  • Mail Check/ Money Order to: Brandi Langley 754 E. Indiana Ave. Spencer, IN 47460



Preliminary Entry Fees

The Supreme Package Includes:



Overall Theme Wear, Overall Most Beautiful & Overall Queen Supreme

2 - Mini-Supreme

2 - Grand Supreme

2 - Ultimate Grand Supreme

Directors Choice


Each contestant will win a Trophy & Crown.



All of this for $100

Deposit of $25 is due with entry form and remaining  balance is due by registration deadline.

First sibling will be $50 with $25 deposit and $35 with $15 deposit for each additional sibling.

**Extra's that you can add to your package are:


Outfit of Choice or Talent - $10 (you may only choose 1)

Overall Photogenic - $10 contestant with the highest scoring photo. You may submit a total of 3 photos.

Overall Personality - contestant with highest personality score

Or do 3 optionals for only $25


The fee for boys is $65. If you are entering a boy and a girl in the same pageant, the girl will still be the regular fee of $100 and the boy will receive the sibling discount of $50.

Good Luck Wishes - Sponsorship Program

Sell your Good Luck Wishes to family members, friends, co-workers or businesses. This is their way of sponsoring you and wishing you Good Luck! Wishes are $1 each. You do not need to sell wishes. This is just a way to help you with registration fees and for your chance to win an extra prize!


  1.  Good Luck Wishes are $1 each
  2. You must submit all money collected by THE DAY OF REGISTRATION DEADLINE.
  3. You do not need to submit any paperwork to me in regards to Good Luck Wishes.


*** If you need a postcard from our pageant system, please email me and I can mail one to you. Some businesses/people like to see proof!***


Here are the prizes:

Sell $100 to enter Supreme Package.

Sell $125 to enter Supreme Package and win a 2ft trophy.

Sell $135 to enter Supreme Package and win a 3ft trophy.

Sell $150 to enter Supreme Package and win a 3 1/2 ft trophy. (shown)


**** Prices do NOT change if you pay in full. All the above prices still remain the same ****


They will be modified for larger pageants such as State, Nationals or duo pageants.

Siblings will be as follows

Sell $50 to enter the Supreme Package

Sell $75 to enter the Supreme Package and win a 2ft trophy.

Sell $90 to enter the Supreme Package and win a 3ft trophy.

Sell $125 to enter the Supreme Package and win a 3 1/2ft trophy. (shown below)

Quick Reference

Check or Money Order Payable To:

Brandi Langley

754 E. Indiana Ave.

Spencer, IN 47460


PayPal to: [email protected]

*You will be responsible for fees incurred by Paypal and this will be paid at the door.


Credit/Debit Card: Call Brandi 812-585-7701

Or text/email card #, expiration date, 3 digit security code and zip code.

*You will be charged a 5% company processing fee at the time of your transaction. Card information IS NOT saved!

How to $ave Money!

$imple $teps to Help You $ave
  • Check out the info on this page about Good Luck Wishes sponsorship program!
  • BUY USED - You don't have to spend a lot of money on pageant clothing. Your child is not judged on how expensive their clothing is. Shopping at thrift stores or online consignment shops can save you from paying full price!
  • BE CREATIVE - If you can sew, make your own clothing! Shop for fabric and patterns when they are on sale.
  • RECYCLE - Check your closets for items that can be re-used or paired with another item to make the perfect outfit.
  • BORROW - Ask other pageant moms for loaners. Sometimes you can lease outfits from other contestants.

Do you have any money saving ideas? If so, please email me or comment on our guestbook and I'll post them to this page!

Fee's Off

*** Please note - Not all discounts MAY apply towards Duo Pageants or Semi/State/National pageants. Please refer to those site pages for specifics.**

Multi - Preliminary Discount

  • If you attend 2 pageants in the SAME month, your first will be full price and the second will be $10 off!


Contestant Referral Program

  • For each contestant you refer to a Social Butterfly Pageant you are competing in we will give you $5 off your entry fee up to 4 contestants.
  • Contestant must PAY and COMPETE in the same pageant you are competing in order to qualify for referral discount.
  • Contestant cannot be a sibling or a current member/attendee of our pageants.
  • If you refer 5 or more contestants that PAY and COMPETE in the same pageant, you will receive 1/2 off your entry fee!


Check us out on Facebook

  • Visit our Facebook page for random trivia games. If you're the first to give the correct answer, you'll win fee's off a Preliminary Pageant or Online Photo Contest entry.

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